Family budget

Семейный бюджетHello! You are on the site about the family budget.

You receive quite good money, but they do not suffice you? You don’t know where you have put them? Like, it is a little there, it is a little here - and there is nothing left. Also, it is not clear what have been bought. You have to wait for the pay-day, to cut down expenses and refuse to yourself in many respects. These problems are familiar, aren’t they?

It means, this page about domestic budget is just what you need! Here you will find a lot of other things that will help you to keep the family budget. Also, you can write to us, ask questions, to state the offers under the account of the family budget. We are waiting!

How to save the family budget

In this section you find out how to save the family budget. There are some articles of your family budget where it is possible to cut down expenses essentially and to direct your money for more actual needs.
How to save the family budget?
Family budget in schedules and tablesLet's look at structure of expenses in percentage on each article, and all articles together. At the family income of 40000 roubles.
Family budget in schedules and tables

Personal finance

The structure of expenses and incomes in the personal finance should be accurately defined. You should know your sources of incomes and articles of expenses.

Personal finance: structure